Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of the promotion

Terms and conditions last updated 1st November 2019

  1. This promotion is valid for UK or ROI businesses that purchase qualifying products between 1st November 2019 and 31st January 2020. Claims must be submitted by the end user customer only and not the reseller, One Trade in per qualifying product purchased will be accepted up to a maximum of 50. This promotion is not valid for schools, colleges, Academy’s or Education Trusts.
  2. You must submit a claim within 30 days from the invoice date of your qualifying purchase. The date on your invoice counts as day 1. You will need to upload proof of purchase in the form of a sales invoice that proves you have bought qualifying product and provide your name, company name and address, and payment details
  3. On approval of your claim, we’ll email you a pre-paid postage label which you must apply to your carefully packaged, rightfully owned, working trade in laptop or desktop (your laptop must include its power supply). A collection service is offered for quantities of 10 or more.
  4. Providing Terms and Conditions have been met, you’ll receive settlement via bank transfer within 30 days of claim validation.
  5. By participating in this promotion, you consent to receive future email correspondence with information about goods and services similar to those within this promotion.

Terms and conditions last updated 1st November 2019

  1. The Trade Up to HP promotion (Promotion) is valid on new purchases of selected HP PC’s, Laptops and Monitors listed Here (Qualifying Products) made during the Promotional Period as defined at Condition 2 directly from HP or another authorised reseller (Authorised Reseller).
  2. Purchase of Qualifying Products must be made between the 1st November 2019 and 31st January 2020 (Promotional Period).
  3. An Authorised Reseller is any authorised HP reseller. Amazon Marketplace, eBay and any other marketplace sellers are specifically excluded from this Promotion and shall not be considered Authorised Resellers in any circumstance.
  4. The Promotion is open to businesses or organisations operating and registered (before the commencement of the Promotional Period) in mainland UK, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland only (Participant). This Promotion is not open to employees of HP, their agents, wholesalers, resellers, retail staff, retailers, participating stockists or anyone connected with the promotion. Claims must be submitted by the end user Participant only. Resellers may not submit claims on behalf of their customers.
  5. On purchase of a Qualifying Product from an Authorised Reseller, in accordance with these Promotion Terms and subsequently trading in a device that meets the criteria set out in Condition 15 (Qualifying Trade-In). The Participant will be entitled to claim a monetary Reward (Reward) in accordance with Tables 1 and 2, variable on the Qualifying Trade-In made and Qualifying Product purchased by the Participant.

    Table 1 – Rewards – Computers

    Any PCCore i3Core i5Core i7Monitor
    Purchased HP Notebook or Desktop (Series)
    Pro Series£/€100.00£/€125.00£/€150.00£/€175.00£/€20.00
    Elite Series£/€125.00£/€175.00£/€225.00£/€275.00£/€45.00
    Premium Series£/€150.00£/€200.00£/€250.00£/€300.00£/€50.00

    Table 2 – Rewards – Monitors

    Any PCCore i3Core i5Core i7Monitor
    Purchased HP Monitor (Series)
    Pro Series£/€50.00£/€50.00£/€50.00£/€50.00£/€50.00
    Elite Series£/€75.00£/€75.00£/€75.00£/€75.00£/€75.00
    Premium Series£/€100.00£/€100.00£/€100.00£/€100.00£/€100.00
  6. This Promotion is not open to schools, colleges, academies or education trusts.
  7. This Promotion may not be combined with any other promotion. Qualifying Products purchased through special bid, fleet purchase or volume discount are not eligible for this Promotion.
  8. Participants are limited to a maximum of one Reward per Qualifying Product purchased and subsequent Qualifying Trade-In made.
  9. Participants are eligible to obtain a maximum of 50 Rewards total during the Promotional Period, notwithstanding Condition 8 above.
  10. Participants must register for the Promotion online here, providing all requested information (including proof of postage) within 30 calendar days from the date of invoice for the Qualifying Product purchased (Claim) with the day of the relevant Qualifying Product invoice shall count as day one (1). Upon making a successful Claim, Participants will be informed via email within 3 working days and provided with details to make their Qualifying Trade-In.
  11. Participants must dispatch their Qualifying Trade-in within 30 days of approval of their Claim (the Qualifying Trade-in Period). For the avoidance of doubt the Claim approval date counts as day one (1). Trade-In devices received after the Qualifying Trade-in Period will not be accepted and will be recycled free of charge or returned at the Participant’s cost. Participants will not be able to claim a Reward against Qualifying Products that have been returned.
  12. Participants are required to upload proof of purchase in the form of a sales invoice clearly detailing the purchase of the Qualifying Product, the purchase date, purchase price and reseller name.
  13. Claims will be screened for validity to ensure that the transaction made is a bona fide purchase of a Qualifying Product made in accordance with these Promotion Terms. The outcome of a Claim will be communicated to Participants within three (3) working days of submission. On approval of a Claim Participants will be provided with a prepaid postage label via email. Trade-in devices must be packed individually, and each sent complete with the barcode(s) received in the said email.
  14. For Claims of 10 units or more, a free pick-up service is available up to a maximum of 50 trade-in units. The pick-up service includes a maximum 2 pick-up attempts by the courier, any additional pick-up attempts will incur a direct cost or the service will be removed as an offer.
  15. Proof of posting will not be accepted as proof of receipt. HP cannot accept liability for any Claims or related devices lost, damaged or destroyed in the post and recommends using an insured postal service. Please note hand delivery is not accepted.
  16. If the Qualifying Trade-In is a desktop or laptop it must be a working and complete laptop or desktop (reasonable wear and tear accepted), and no more than 7 years old. Trade in Laptops must have a minimum 10” screen size and include the battery and AC adaptor. Thin clients, password-protected or BIOS locked Trade-In units do not qualify for this Promotions. Non-qualifying Trade-ins may be rejected or subject to revaluation in accordance with Table 1, up to a maximum of £/€20.00 per Trade-In Device. HP will notify Participants via email if their Trade-In is revalued, Participants will have up to 7 days to accept or decline the revised offer. If no response is received within 7 days, Participant’s will be deemed to have accepted the revised offer and will be awarded the amount detailed in the revaluation email.
  17. If the Qualifying Trade-In purchased is a monitor it must be working and complete with power supply. CRT monitors do not qualify for this promotion.

    Table 3 – Deduction Table

    DescriptionReward ActionDeduction Amount £/€
    Battery worn out/failedDeduction20.00 per Trade-In Device where one of the faults in the description column is found (excluding those faults where the Trade-in Device is ineligible for the Promotion). For the avoidance of doubt the deduction per Trade-In Device is capped at a maximum of 20.00.
    Cracked/Damaged casing/Heavily ScratchedDeduction
    Missing one or more keys from keyboardDeduction
    Missing/Failed Power SupplyDeduction
    Permanent marking (etched/asset tag)Deduction
    Missing hard driveDeduction
    Dead Motherboard - Not eligible for promotionIneligibleNot Eligible
    Power on password locked - Not eligible for promotionIneligibleNot Eligible
  18. Trade-in devices must be the rightful property of the Participating Company or Business. Trade-in devices must be posted by; or collected from the registered company address or legally associated address. Trade-ins posted or collected from an unregistered address will be deemed invalid. Trade-in devices that have been previously leased to another party or otherwise not been in the exclusive possession of the participant since purchase shall not be considered Qualifying Trade-in Devices and therefore not valid under this Promotion.
  19. Provided that the Terms and Conditions of the Promotion have been met, a payment for the relevant amount will be paid to you by bank transfer within 30 days from validation of your Claim.
  20. This Promotion is not transferable to another individual or business; Claims will only be accepted if they are made by the original purchaser.
  21. HP reserves the right to change Qualifying Products during the Promotional Period.
  22. HP accepts no responsibility for lost or confidential data and software. Upon receipt of the Trade-in device ,all data will be destroyed. We are unable to retrieve any customer data once a computer has been received. Deletion of all confidential data and information, which are in each case subject to applicable data protection legislation, and are possibly stored on the product to be traded-in, is the responsibility of the customer.
  23. HP reserves the right to closely monitor usage of the promotional website, including users’ IP addresses, so that we may identify misuse, and disqualify applications.
  24. HP is not responsible or liable for any technical, hardware, software, server, website, or other failures or damage of any kind to the extent that this prevents the participant from or otherwise obstructs him/her in participating in the Promotion.
  25. Personal data supplied during the course of this promotion may be passed on to third party suppliers only insofar as required for verification of applications and payment of the of the cash reward. View HP Privacy Statement Here, our Cookie policy Here, our personal data rights Here.
  26. Participants are deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions upon submitting a Claim.
  27. If a Claim is refused because the terms of the Promotion have not been met, the HP’s decision is final. HP reserves the right to withdraw, amend or terminate the Promotion or to amend the Qualifying Products.

Address for correspondence is Trade Up To HP, PO Box 487, Gateshead, NE8 9BQ

Address for trade in computers is: ITAD Works, Trade Up To HP, 132 Dunsfold Park, Stovolds Hill, Cranleigh, GU6 8TB

Promoter: Earley West, 300 Thames Valley Park Dr, Reading RG6 1PT, United Kingdom